A Call For Submissions On Ukraine Plus The Best Of TC’s Comments

If you’ve been following the Thought Catalog articles about emerging events in the Ukraine then you may have noticed that there are a limited number of voices being expressed that have first hand experience in the country as these events unfold. The primary direct communication from a Ukrainian was in the form of a mass video “I Am A Ukrainian, This Needs To Go Viral” which has indeed gone viral. My coverage of the issue is limited in that I am in the US, however I’ve seen repeated comments across many of our articles asking for more sides of the story to be told and requests for more detail. Some, however, have sought to stifle discussion about what’s happening in Ukraine. Below are some of the most popular and most discussed comments.


Some saw the issue in terms of economies and class.


Some were extremely passionate despite no longer living in Ukraine.


Some believe that the entire protest movement is a long con by the West and that EU membership means corruption and exploitation.


And others believe that corruption is present in every government.


I believe what we need is more communication, more information for everyone to discuss and consider. If you are in Ukraine, not even Kiev, then I am interested in hearing your thoughts on what is happening there. Whether you are pro-opposition, pro-Ukrainian government, pro-Russian, pro-West or none of the above then put your observations and thoughts down in words or in the form of the best video you can put together and get in contact with me via the “contact James B.” link on my author page. The conflict in Ukraine has the potential to ultimately change the region irrevocably and the more everyone knows about the issues surrounding it the better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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