The Incredible Holiday Tale Of Cubby The Fox

This is one of the first things I ever came across after I created a legit Youtube account a few years ago. It’s also one my favorite things ever. Having viewed a lot of videos since then I can honestly say that YouTube should have shut the whole thing down after this because it will never reach this peak again.

Cubby was saved as a kit during the “cubbing” season, also known as the hunting season, by user Kitty McPherson who also seems to own a Lab and an Irish Wolfhound. Cubby loves the dogs and the dogs love Cubby.

True story, Foxes that spend lots of time around people start vocalizing more and more. He’s still leashed here but look at him stretch!

Here’s Cubby playing with an enormous Irish Wolfhound and responding to whistle calls. Oh, and lots of frolicing.

Here’s a super sleepy cubby waking up in the morning. Yeah, he’s cute then too. Shorty after this, it appears that Kitty moved Cubby out into the barn. She’d apparently never planned on keeping him as a pet.

Cubby at 8 months. It seems to me he’s out of the house altogether now since this is described as a “visit.”

Cubby playing with a gentle giant. All humans seem to be inside. Cubby seems to be almost totally re-integrated into the wild.

One of the last vids that Kitty posted, this is Cubby at twilight in the snow popping in briefly for a biscuit before immediately returning to the wood. It was probably Christmas. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Cubby’s all grown up! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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