Call For Submissions: World Events, Culture, Politics, Oh My!

I started writing for Thought Catalog back in the Spring of this year with the intention of trying to write a different kind of article than was being written. I wanted to focus on world and domestic politics and I wanted to hash out the truth behind what the media was reporting and present original research and analysis in a hopefully interesting way. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. It’s allowed me to get my voice out there on a site with a large readership while at the same time hopefully giving readers something to chew on and a different angle from which to view world and domestic events.

I come from a bit of Journalism and creative writing background with a lot of government research years thrown in for good measure. I have a pretty specific political outlook but I’m open to any idea that’s practical or well supported. I’ve generally tried to bring that to the table because I think the world needs less closed mindedness and more practical communication.  I think that’s the main thing missing from our everyday political dialogue and our media coverage which is mostly pretty awful. I think it’s terribly important that we understand one another and the world around us in an accurate way. So, that’s why I write for Thought Catalog.

Bottom line, I would like more submissions from writers who share this general outlook. I want submissions from people who are curious and are capable of satisfying that curiosity through self directed research but who can then present that information in a form that’s relevant and understandable.

If you’ve been looking for a chance to say something then this very well could be it.

Specifically, I’m looking for writers who have a continuing interest in and knowledge of one or more of the following things:

  • World events and Geopolitics
  • Politics in the US
  • Civic theory and philosophy
  • Economic trends
  • An indescribable yet awesome combination of the above that the world has never seen but desperately needs to.

I am looking for submissions from writers who are able to do analysis, form cogent arguments based on facts and trends rather than partisanship, wishful thinking, or pure emotionality, and express new and old concepts to readers who may not be familiar with a chosen topic.

If the above describes your abilities and interests then submit an article directly to James B. Barnes via my author page here. Don’t be intimidated or dismayed gentle reader! Write your piece and send it in! It’s a bold new era! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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