Native Soldier Arrested For Flying Tribal Flag On Veteran’s Day

Canadian and First Nation citizen, Davyn Calfchild, who served for five years in the former Yugoslavia in the 90s was arrested in Toronto on ‘Remembrance Day’, a day when those who served and died in World War I are remembered. The constabulary apparently took issue with him flying the Iroquois nation flag despite the multiple flags of the Allied nations of the Commonwealth being represented.

Apparently the internet is abuzz with Canadians complaining that “they served under the Canadian flag” and other “get in line, redskin” nonsense. Nice to see it’s not just us that’s crazy. Oh wait, no it’s not.

This isn’t how you do it, Toronto. In my opinion, vets should be allowed to do almost anything they want on these holidays, within reason, and waving a flag and celebrating your contribution just doesn’t get to count as “creating a disturbance.”

Oh, he was let go immediately after the event was over…which tells you what the police were really after here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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