Why Gen X Stone Cold Stomps Millennials

I could go through the entire gambit, from stories on LP like this one or I could discuss the prevalence of bowl haircuts and baby fros but i don’t need to, I don’t, because I have this, the final proof that Generation X’s nostalgia vault is fuller than any other. The 70s killed, and they were more interesting than anything you children ever experienced what with your play dates and childhood days packed with planned activities. Jeez, talk about overprotected. I roamed the streets. I was the embodiment of walkabout. And lo I have returned from the wilderness, to judge.

Behold, glory…


That’s right. That’s the Pointer Sisters taught me how to count. See what I’m saying here? See that hand at the beginning getting the ball rolling? That’s a black hand, in the 70s. That’s progress right there and it wasn’t based on some poll or survey group or some garbage like that. It was based on the idea that Black people were real people that had children and watched television. Get it straight, Gen X was taught to read by three black queens while funking out on LSD. What do you guys have? Dora? Some other imagination constricting nonsense? Our imaginations wondered free and far and we did discover the frontiers there. 1,2,3,4,5…

The song is so awesome that it has it’s own wikipedia entry and over 30 years after the song was written it’s still being remixed. DJ Wally West (aka the Flash) absolutely kills this one. This needs a million views.


And the Postmarks covered it…




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