Top 5 Shutdown Videos Of The Week

Passions are high and so we get great clips and zany behavior! Your loss of government is your gain in…well, humor about loss, I suppose.

1. Faith in humanity reachieved towards the end but it’s a rocky start.

2. Congressman Randy Neugebauer from West Texas, the desert basically, gets all in the face of a Park Ranger for the government shutdown…that Congress caused. Take that, big government!

3. Ha! Oh, that Hannity, always good for a laugh, you liar. He’s right though, what we need right now is more hate and vilification, not less. Less is for the weak. Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate!

4. October 1st with John Stewart. I can feel the heat from his blood pressure rising with each passing day. It is equaled only by my own. Together we will explode in a fountain of rage colored frustration fluids. No, I don’t know what that consists of. I only know it goes on forever.

5. Shhh, shhh, just watch this. It’ll all be okay. I had to give you something here to get your spirits back up.

image – Youtube

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