Am I Ugly? Just Tell Me The Honest Truth, Please


Sometimes, I’m glad to be kind of old and ignorant of certain parts of the internet. But then I get disillusioned. So, I didn’t know this was a thing but it’s apparently a thing for young girls to make Youtube videos wherein they ask Youtube (aka a devildragon with a mouth full of teeth) whether or not they’re pretty…or fat…or *shudder* hot.

I did the requisite Youtube search (3,600,000 results) and took a look at the comments. Some are nice, some are clearly older people who’ve just stumbled on the video and are trying to be encouraging (and discouraging the girls in the video from seeking affirmation in this way) but overwhelmingly the comments on most of the videos I saw are negative and brutally so. Here’s some examples.

  • Ugly as fuck!
  • Woow u have a fivehead :D…..nd yea u are
  • Ugly little bitch
  • Let me see the rest of your body
  • you are UGly AS fUCK


I think we all see where this goes but I’m still pretty much blown away by it. For one thing, I didn’t imagine that there were a bunch of barely middle school girl bloggers on Youtube because, well, it seems possibly dangerous and ripe for stalkery people who rape and murder. For another, I just can’t imagine speaking to the void in this way. Youtube isn’t a chat channel, it’s not even Reddit. There’s not two way communication. It’s like uttering a wish into an electronic oracle and praying that what comes out doesn’t have five heads and claws capable of inflicting life long emotional trauma.

I have a little sister, very little, two. This scares me to death because I never had to deal with this level of bullying when I was young. I got bullied a bit, sure, and I bullied a bit I’m ashamed to say, as a reaction to it. But, I didn’t get bullied by 10,000 people at once in public. That has to be its own circle of hell.

So, I have to ask because I truly don’t know, who is instilling this level of self hate into these posters and who is instilling this level of toxic malignancy into so many of the commenters? I get that its anonymous. I just don’t understand the motive to comment “ugly bitch” on some 11 year old’s Youtube page because she’s painfully insecure or painfully vain about how she looks. And what’s with the painful attention seeking on the part of others? How are these levels of insecurity getting into so many young girls?

Here are some tamer video examples in order of progressive sadness. The quote of the lot is “not even a rapist would want to rape me.” I can’t stand it for one minute.




When I have a daughter (and I will) she’s not getting on the internet until age 18. It’s all libraries K-12. Also, I now hate basically all parents except my own. Thanks, Internet.

Fight this shit. Fight it. If and when you have kids, don’t let them do this to themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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