Man Using Multicolored Balloons To Cross the Atlantic, Yes, Like in “Up!”


“Set out from any point. They are all alike. They all lead to a point of departure.” 
― Antonio Porchia

No, there’s no house involved but it’s amazing how people keep finding ways to create challenges that have yet to be met. American aviator, Jonathan Trappe is seeking to be the first person to ever cross the Atlantic while suspended from 370 large multicolored weather balloons meaning he may well set the record for the most cheerful crossing as well.

Trappe took off from Maine yesterday and overnighted on the island of Newfoundland last night, leaving the following message via satellite phone as uploaded here.

Landed safe, at an alternate location. Remote. I put the exposure canopy up on the boat. Will stay here for the night.

Here’s his trip so far:

Seems pretty far, right?
Seems pretty far, right?

And here’s how far he has to go:'s not.
…it’s not.

So basically he’s sitting in a custom designed seat all day and as soon as he gets going today he’ll be stuck there for the next two or three days…cruising along at about 25,000 feet in the air….over the ocean….cold…for 62+ hours. I’m impressed.

Trappe previously crossed the English Channel using this same balloon method and crossed the Alps as well but this is longer than anything he’s ever done and given the length of the trip there’s no telling where on the Eastern side of the Atlantic the wind will steer him.

You can follow his progress here. Aaaand he’ll be updated via satellite text here.

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