Gang Rapists To Be Hanged But She Was Still Asking For It

Gang rapes and single cases of rape in India have received a lot of exposure since last year when a woman was assaulted, raped, and ultimately murdered on a private bus in New Delhi while her male companion was beaten. The crime incited outrage across the country and, while there have continued to be assaults of the exact same kind on the subcontinent, it looks like the rest of the world now has an idea of how India will be handling these criminals once they have been shown to be guilty and convicted. Four will be executed, immediately. Another, the driver, hanged himself in his jail cell and the last, a juvenile, was sentenced to three years in a reform facility.

An Indian court convicted four men Tuesday in the fatal gang rape of a young woman on a moving New Delhi bus, a case that set off waves of protests and gave voice to years of anger over the treatment of women.

The men, convicted on all the counts against them, including rape and murder, now face the possibility of hanging. The sentences are expected to be handed down Wednesday.

Just so we’re on the same page, Wednesday is tomorrow. Convicted today, executed tomorrow, no appeals, no retrials. If this is the future attitude of the Indian courts towards this type of heinous crime then it appears, at least in the courts, that the country is taking the issue extremely seriously. Still, the conservative leanings and culture of some Indian citizens remains in a perpetual “she was asking for it” state of existence.

…many in the deeply patriarchal society blame the increasing visibility of women in public life, and their clothing choices, for such attacks.

“I am from a village, but I think 70 percent of the mistake is of girls. The dressing style is so dirty. Just yesterday I saw girls wearing skimpy clothes, there was one boy with them. Even boys are at fault,” said Sudhir, 58-year-old man travelling on the Delhi Metro system.

Understandably then, many Indian women still don’t feel safe but reports of rape are on the rise in what officials indicate is an increase in the willingness of women to report rape to the authorities.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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