Have You Ever Seen A Gorilla Marching Down A Highway?

I’ve got to admit, I LOVE things like this. Driving to and from work is boring and at least traffic jams give you something to complain about. I remember being stuck on I-40 like a million years ago for about five hours because a fuel truck had caught on fire in a mountain tunnel (no one was hurt, many cars destroyed). I ended up playing football with a bunch of strangers on the side of a mountain and remember eating a hotdog that somebody about a quarter mile behind me had grilled. So, when I see something like this I think “God Bless you, kind sir, for making my world just a bit more harmlessly insane.”

Hell. Yes.

Some good Samaritan hacked an electronic message board and warned weary travelers that a loose primate was wandering the countryside in front of them. Mundane drive instantly transformed into nighttime safari adventure. I’d be scouting my head off from the car, no doubt emphasizing made up gorilla facts to whomever was sitting next to me, planning my move and fantasizing that I’d be the one to bring the mighty Silverback in. “I’m the hero here, Coco” or somesuch. Don’t lie to yourself, you know you want this.

Luckily authorities have no idea how it happened.

Richardson said MDOT has not determined exactly how the sign was hacked.

“We just know that it was hacked,” she said. “We’re looking into it now.”

Richardson said the message was corrected by 7 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7. She said that, as far as she knows, MDOT has not lodged a criminal complaint in relation to the incident.

“We’re just looking into measures to see what we can do in terms of security to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Richardson said. “We don’t know who was responsible.”

So, it was up all night, awesome, and this could happen again, double awesome. Oh my, yes. Dinosaurs next, please. I’ve always believed I could bring one down. Lets take this nationwide. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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