George Zimmerman, A Man of Peace, Threatens His Wife With a Gun, Avoids Charges

If there’s one thing I’ll say for Zimmerman it’s that this guy refuses to quit. What’s more, he’s apparently the luckiest man in the entire state of Florida. After being acquitted of murdering Black teenager Trayvon Martin, Mr. Zimmerman has mostly sought to keep a low profile since he and anyone who’s shared his name has since received a treasure trove of death threats. Well, it appears Mr. Zimmerman has broken his silence by punching his estranged wife’s father in the face and threatening her with his pistol, presumably because she’s wants a divorce.


Or, y’know, that didn’t happen at all and she made it up. I really have to wonder what’s going on with these people. His wife claims that he had a gun on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and then almost immediately recants. Now police say there never was a gun and his wife isn’t pressing charges after all.

Ms. Zimmerman, who filed for divorce four days ago, told a dispatcher that Mr. Zimmerman had his hand on his gun as he argued with her father, David Dean, at Mr. Dean’s home.

“And he keeps saying, ‘Step closer,’ ” Ms. Zimmerman said.

“Step closer and what?” asked the dispatcher.

“And he’s going to shoot us,” Ms. Zimmerman responded.

But Ms. Zimmerman later changed her account.

“No one ever saw a gun,” said Officer Zach Hudson of the Lake Mary police. “He said he has no gun on him and we haven’t found a gun. I think she assumed that he had one on his person.”

But what’s even crazier is that George’s lawyer claims that he did have a gun so either the police simply didn’t find it, George ditched it prior to their arrival, or they and his wife are lying about it. This also begs the question, why would his attorney publicly contradict police statements, essentially saying “no, no, George had a gun and he was ready to shoot someone after he punched his father in law.” This does not strike me as a good way to sweep this under the rug.

For those that followed the Trayvon Martin case, you probably recall that Mr. Zimmerman had a bit of history of outbursts including a prior restraining order against him in 2005 which was requested and granted by his then fiance. So, frankly, this seems like a return to form.

But you’re probably thinking “divorce? Why would anyone divorce George Zimmerman?” Well, Ms. Zimmerman is a particularly sensitive soul and seeing as she stood by him during the Trayvon Martin trial she says she feels “tossed aside” now that it’s over. Well, if you think you’re doing your husband a favor by backing him when he’s accused of murder then, y’know, it sounds to me like the marriage probably doesn’t have legs in the first place.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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