Fast and Furious and Arrested – Urban Racing in NYC


It’s an amazing video and a fantastic record but New York Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly was none too impressed.

Late on Thursday, the police arrested Christopher Adam Tang, 30, and charged him with six driving violations.

They also seized a 2006 BMW Z4.

The police said they were able to recreate the wild ride by using surveillance video, which also ultimately allowed them to track down Mr. Tang.

From an interview he gave late last month, Tang stated that he was able to consistently circumvent the entirety of Manhattan Island in 24 minutes counting stop lights. What’s more, the above video of him setting a record was actually him breaking his own previous record.

He dismissed concerns that the stunt was dangerous, saying his average speed was only 66 miles per hour.

However, that takes into account stopping for red lights, and on the video, he can be seen traveling at breakneck speed as he overtakes other vehicles.

Still, he said all driving carried risks.

“Whether you’re a good driver or not, when you’re on the road, you have a high chance of getting hit by a drunk driver, being cut off, especially in New York.”

Tang was charged with six counts including reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and following too closely. People get charged with following too closely in NYC? Regardless, Tang’s record lap reminds me of another urban racer from 1970s Paris, minus the kisses.

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