Entire Internet (And Mice) Under the Influence of Cat Poop Parasite

So, here’s the deal, there’s a parasite in cat poop called Toxoplasma gondii that attracts mice and rats to the smell of cat pee.

Even better?

The effects and attraction lingers even after the parasite is out of the host’s body. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t just affect rats.

People can be infected too — pregnant women are told to stay away from cat feces for this very reason. It normally doesn’t bother people, but it can cause brain inflammation, called encephalitis, in some — especially those with compromised immune systems like pregnant women.

That’s some Alien stuff right there. Infecting the young through the mother? That was Alien, right? Well, whatever it was, this explains a LOT about what we’re attracted to on the internet.


Seriously though, go clean the litter box and ignore this from the article.

“It does not necessarily explain crazy cat ladies or why there are LOLCATS online,” she says.

Um, no, I’m pretty sure it DOES explain LOLCATS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Youtube

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