Bandits Bilking Bicyclers On Banks Of The Hudson

Apparently thieves are targeting bicyclers riding along the Hudson River in New York City. Robbery isn’t new to NYC but this particular kind of robbery is. The thieves are laying traps for bicyclers.

It happened after he ran into a rope his attackers put up.

“The rope I saw at the last second, but it was too late. I was already clotheslined,” (Keith) Cho said.

Moments later, Cho said he was punched with brass knuckles and beaten. The attackers not only ran off with Cho’s bike, but also his cellphone and cash.

It’s essentially every attack on a horse rider that you’ve ever seen in a movie. You’re riding along and suddenly you’ve hit a taut rope across your path that jerks you, perhaps by the throat, from the seat of your bike and onto the ground.  A bit like this:


Or, other…

On Thursday, another man was knocked off his bike with a bat – and then beaten and mugged in the same area.

The NYPD believes all these attacks are connected which means that several people have gotten together and thought this up, likely from watching old Wagon Train re-runs. Whatever the inspiration, it’s a brutal way to rob someone.

“If something happens, no one can see you. You could be there for maybe a couple of days in the brush and no one would find you,” Susan Hurse said.

“It’s scary to think that you can’t come out and ride your bike and have fun without worrying about being mugged,” Susan McMullen added.

Yep, be careful out there kids and don’t ride in poorly lit areas or you’ll end up like a storm trooper in Return of the Jedi…that’s on your back with all your stuff taken.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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