Our Tax Money Is Going To Men Who Are Affiliated With Al Qaeida

Yesterday, Syrian rebels took control of an airfield outside of Allepo, Syria.  Of course, they couldn’t have done it without the help of U.S. weapons and materials which means that the U.S. is currently engaged in a proxy war with the Syrian government.  You won’t see that explicitly reported in most places but it is the case.  But this must be good, right?  Arab Spring and all that?  Overthrowing an authoritarian government?  Well, I suppose it’s good if you believe that the U.S. should be providing weapons to the terrorist entities that it’s been waging a war against since 2001 or if you like cannibalism.


I don’t know about you but I’d rather have my tax money spent on schools here at home or just about anything else.  When interviewed, Mr. Sakkar (the heart eater) expressed regret and claimed that he wouldn’t have done it if he could do it all over again.  Oh wait, no he didn’t.  He justified it and blamed Hezbollah.


So that’s where your tax money is going.  The money that you pay every pay period out of your meager check is going to put weapons in the hands of men like this who are explicitly aligned with Al-Qa’ida affiliates who absolutely want to kill or subjugate every Shi’ite Muslim, every Christian, Druze, or Jew in Syria.  You’re financing this with hours and hours of your life every day in order to provide money and support against the Syrian government which absolutely has not bothered anyone in any serious way in years.  Never mind that such aid could absolutely cause a conflagration many times larger than a civil war in Syria once Hezbollah becomes fully committed to the cause. The fight is being used as a clarion call for jihadists all over the Middle East and jihadist clerics are calling for punishment of the “repulsive sectarian group.”  But that doesn’t matter.  We have to support “freedom” for the cannibalistic terrorist rebels who would love to institute Sharia Law as soon as possible and cut your head off.


But I’m sure that the U.S. Congress put up a fight over this since it consists quite literally of giving weapons and money to groups of people that we’ve spent billions upon billions of dollars fighting over the last 12 years.  I mean it’s not like a destabilized Syria would result in a destabilized Iraq.

Huh, really?  Just four Congressmen even had questions about doing this?  Well, that’s just great.

I don’t mean to be overly flip but the entire affair is just such an obviously bad idea and a slap in the face of every war weary American who believes that U.S. force and treasure should be reserved for those things that actually threaten the country.  If Assad falls, and I don’t think he will, I think it’s wasted money, then you can count on American soldiers having their boots on Syrian soil sometime far too soon in order to clean up the mess.  You can also count on your tax money having contributed directly to the deaths of thousands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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