Here Is Miley Cyrus’s Post-VMA Sextape

Do I have your attention? Forgive me for tricking you, please. Know that I posted this out of love, not to make you feel foolish or to be clever.

You might be 18 right now reading this. You might be just out of high school, about to hit college, about to burn it up. If you’re 18 today then that means you were 6 years old in 2001. You were 7 years old in 2002. You were 11 years old in 2006, the first year I was introduced to dodging rockets and aiding impromptu first responders with blood on their hands in Iraq. You were 13 years old in 2008 during the Sadr City offensive in Baghdad, the year I was so numb to rocket blasts and mortar explosions that while the Iraqis would all try to take cover during these shellings I didn’t even budge.

This is the story in 4 minutes and 11 seconds

I have no idea what it’s like to grow up with a war on, especially a war as petty and unnecessary as the Iraq War. I wonder if it’s numbing too. It has to be, right? It has to be. I wonder if it makes things seem easy. But I want you to take a minute, please, take a minute and consider that we may well be entering upon a course of action as a country that will result in the wholesale destabilization of the entire Middle East. Please understand that it could throw our economy back down the pipes and costs many thousands of lives. Please understand that if it comes to a ground war then some of your friends will join up because they can’t find jobs. They will justify it with patriotism. They will be good hearted. Some of them will die. Some of them will come home and then they will die. Understand that there’s a lot at stake and the world has always been vile and tomorrow it will be vile as well.Don’t support a righteously narrated mission just because you probably won’t have to fight it. Someone else will and it will never leave them.

This was 2012

This is 2013

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