10 Year Old Girl Rapes 4 Year Old Boy, Huh?

Well, this is a new one on me:

 A 10-year-old girl is facing rape charges from playing an alleged game of “doctor” with a group of children from her housing complex.

The girl, who is only identified as “Ashley,” was charged by police for aggravated sexual assault.

In April, Ashley was among a group of children who were playing doctor, KRIV-TV reports. A neighbor saw the children and called the mother of a 4-year-old boy who was also playing in the group.

Houston police say that Ashley was inappropriately touching the 4-year-old boy.

First thing that I thought was that I didn’t remember playing ‘doctor’ this early but then again there’s a lot I don’t remember about being four years old. The second thing I thought was what insane parents think that charging a ten year old girl with rape is either appropriate or useful? What exactly are the shared values here? When I was younger there was doctor played among children of all ages, sometimes in groups, sometimes one on one but I don’t ever recall parents believing that criminal charges should be pressed for the simple exercise of youthful curiosity ala “your parts are different from my parts.”

It’s always adults that are crazy for the most part so I’m trying to place this within the larger context of the culture in my head here. I’ve tried to place it within the “rape culture” narrative simply because that came to mind first. Then I tried to place it within the “sexually abused child acting out” narrative which also didn’t seem to fit. I couldn’t place it. There didn’t seem to be a common wellspring from whence this maniacal facehugger of a charge could arise. Then I remembered that I happen to be naive. What’s the answer to most questions of culture that you can’t answer? Money. It’s almost always money. Criminal charges plus an unheard of and bizarre case lead to, best scenario for the 4 year old’s parents, a plea deal that gets them a pittance of cash. But, in the meantime:

Ashely was held for four days in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center in June…..She (Ashley’s mother) went on to state that she was not allowed to sit-in on the 45-minute questioning of her daughter. Ashley’s hearing will be in October for sexual assault charges.

Sorry, but this is what a total lack of parental responsibility and sympathetic humanity looks like to me.


Good luck, Ashley, the system’s already failed you. Good luck, four year old, enjoy being told how much you were a victim even though all you remember was how she didn’t have a penis and how weird that was.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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