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How To Hug

I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 18. I didn’t even have my first hug until I was 18. My parents never hugged or kissed. That’s ok.

Kissing Ruined My Life

Kissing probably ruined my life. At least for a good 20+ years. I was a late bloomer. Almost 19 for my first kiss. And in the dark, so nobody had to look at me.

I’m Wrong Almost All Of The Time

The entire kitchen floor of a well-known five star restaurant in NYC was covered by swarming rats. More on that in a second. Every five years all the science textbooks in school have to be thrown out.

What If The World Is Ending?

Six in the morning at the hotel by the elevator and the guy stumbled over to us and said, “My wife just left me for good.” First the guy said, “how you two doing?” I said, Ok.

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