The Power Of Positive Thinking


Well, now I’m in big trouble. I left my one nice coat on the train.

I never even buy clothes for myself so Chase actually shut down my card for fraud when I bought the coat.

I’m too lazy to call the bank so I basically stopped using that card.

I could care less about the coat. But here’s the thing: I was lying sprawled out on my three person train seat all by myself and I was reading that new book about Twitter and about $60 and my phone had fallen out of my pockets onto the floor.

So the conductor came by and told me “Sit up!” and he told me “put your money away!” and he told me “Dont forget your phone!”.

I’m a 45 year old man! But I did everything he said like I was a schoolboy getting in trouble. He just wanted my feet off the window.

And then when I left the train I realized that I was a little cold. And no wonder. I forgot my coat!

Wait up train!

But it was gone.

Here’s the problem: I haven’t told Claudia yet.

She might get upset at me. She likes when I wear nice coats instead of the doctor’s lab coat that I normally wear. But I had been at a board meeting and she picked out this coat specifically for me to wear at the meeting.

I don’t understand why I feel like a little kid all the time. Why I feel like I’m ten years old.

My daughter Mollie just stopped by. She’s 11. She seems smarter than me most of the time and when she has friends with her (like this time) it’s almost as if she has to translate things I say.

She left. I’m not sure why she stopped by except to tell me that my other daughter was wandering around near the river with a boy.

Maybe I need to provide them with my fatherly guidance. Like, maybe I should be dishing out more wisdom to them so they don’t want to shoot themselves in the face when they are 30 years old.

Well, at least if they don’t go to college, never own a home, and never argue opinions with people who won’t listen anyway they will have a decent chance at being happy.

Claudia is meditating. The house is quiet. Maybe I never have to tell her I lost the coat. She might not notice. Although she will probably see this on Facebook. We’re “friends”.

I just read a post of mine that got syndicated. I’m not reading the negative comments. I practice my own Practice. I only care about the people who actually enjoy me. Why waste life with anyone else. If you hang out with people who hate you then YOU hate you.

And maybe some homeless guy will find my coat and wear it and be warm tonight. I don’t need the coat anymore.

It’s good to believe in fantasies. The world was made for my enjoyment and I think I would enjoy a homeless guy sleeping in my coat tonight.

I suppose I could call the train station and get them to find my coat.

But I’m feeling lazy.

And, realistically, I can only take positive thinking so far. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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