29 Of The Best Pieces Of Advice To Get You Through Your 20s

Kyle Wong

1. Don’t be overly cautious but don’t be reckless either. You are at the age where you don’t have to be too timid. You need to take risks in order for you to live life to the fullest. Take chances, make mistakes.

2. Make mistakes but make sure you own up to it. Taking responsibility to your own actions is what makes a person grow. You must also remember that those errors are considered a learning lesson.

3. Take control of your life. Stop living in the shadow of others. Make your own foot print. Don’t live a life others expect of you. Follow your heart and have courage to do what you are meant to be.

4. Stop playing it safe. Throw your heart out there. Do things differently by testing your limit.

5. It’s okay to be afraid of the future but enjoy your present. We are always afraid of the unknown, but we must also enjoy every waking moment of our lives. Carpe diem (seize the day). Make the most out of your life by living in the present in order for you to shape your future.

‘Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present’ – Anonymous

6. Be Weird, Fun and Quirky. Why are you trying to fit in when you can stand out? Be unique. Let your personality shine as you continue to mature.

7. Begin life with a purpose. Be aggressive when it comes to finding your true meaning in life. Be passionate in everything that you do. Your passion is what keeps you going (including your goals, hopes and dreams).

8. Fall in love with your journey not your destination. Live in the moments that take your breath away.

9. Take care of your health. Self-care is really important. You must nourish your mind and body. Develop a healthy habits.

10. Heal your broken heart. You may experience broken relationship, failures and difficulties but don’t be dishearten, there’s always a light by the end of the tunnel. Only time can heal your wounds. Turn those hurtful moments into something that can make you a stronger person.

11. Forgive. Forgive your shortcomings, forgive the people who hurt you and forgive all bad things that happened in the past. Forgive then forget. Letting go is the only way of moving forward.

12. Build a stronger relationship. Whether you need to strengthen your relationship with your husband (or wife), partner, colleagues, family, friends and even God. You are wise enough to know that you need to treasure the people that matter. Those people you care about are the ones who supports you in every step of the way.

13. Sometimes you have to say “NO” Because you just want to focus on the things that are really important.

14. Be optimistic. The challenges you encounter are for your own personal growth. Think that you are destined for something greater. Believe that all things that are happening is for a greater good.

‘The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in
every difficulty.’ – Winston Churchill.

15. Treat every opportunity a blessing. An opportunity to grow and change is what makes us, human extraordinary. We have our freewill to choose what path to follow. Always keep in mind that we are given a choice to dedicate our life for something good.

16. If you must change, change for the better. As they say change is the only constant thing in the world. If you are unhappy then put more effort in changing your circumstances. Be a better version of yourself every day.

17. Treat yourself well because if you don’t, no one would. Spoil yourself a little. Try to see goodness in every events happening in your life. Always be true and humble.

18. Be your own hero. Inspire yourself. It is not who you are it’s what you do that defines you. Make things happened and do the impossible.

19. Avoid procrastination. If you can do it today why bother doing it tomorrow. Don’t live a life full of regrets. Use your time wisely by turning your emotions into productive work.

20. Find your own pot of gold (figuratively). Look for things that will make you feel excited, happy and fulfilled all at the same time.

21. Widen your circle and listen. Try to have a deep meaningful conversation. Be engaging. You’ll be surprise how many people have much more interesting stories to tell. Try talking to people with different age groups and you will have a bigger and wider perspective in life.

22. Crying is never a sign of weakness. It only shows you are human and that you are confident with your emotions.

23. Embrace all your strengths and weaknesses. Consider it as your gift which makes you special. Don’t let it hinder you on achieving your goals.

‘Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength’ – Sigmund Freud

24. Never settle for anything less. You deserve so much more than what you can imagine. Believe that you can achieve more than what meets the eye. If you have the will to pursue your future endeavours go for it and you will see your true potential.

25. Work hard but play harder. You should know how to balance your way of living. Love what you do and everything will follow.

‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’ – Confucius

26. Appreciate your alone time. You’ll learn to love yourself more. Focus on creating your own happiness. Its okay to indulge as long as it is for own self-fulfillment.

27. Always be kind. It is the most wonderful thing you can bestow to another person. True kindness is giving without expecting anything in return.

28. It’s okay to feel lost just make sure you will find your way. You are at the age where you feel like you don’t know what you are doing or where you are going. Find time to reflect and do a plan of action. Trust your instinct and just follow your heart. You should feel proud that you are heading on the right direction.

29. Age is just a number but to feel young is an attitude. Maturity does not come from age it is from the experiences you have encountered. We all want to live and feel young at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I write because I was blessed with the ability to turn my sentiments into words.

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