7 Reasons The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With An Alpha Female

Didi Medina

1. She’ll put time and thought into planning the cutest of dates and outings for the two of you.

An alpha female likes to show people how it’s done. Whether it’s that perfect omelet making technique she needs the world to know lie in her magic hands or the right way to treat a man. She leads by example and often doesn’t like to follow. Because of this, an alpha female takes pride in her creative ideas and enjoys plotting plans that will excite someone. She has an imagination that can fill a thousand pages all with unique and remarkable ideas.

She expects to be treated as a queen but knows that any queen needs to treat her king accordingly. She shows other females how she makes her man happy, and her generous giving soul feels fulfilled when she makes you happy. Whether its a surprise trip, a mani/pedi date, or a nice home cooked dinner, she wants you to know she cares about you, and instead of telling you, she’d rather show you.

2. She’ll surprise you with spurts of affection and gifts when you’d least expect it.

This slightly ties into #1, but deals more with the assertive side of an alpha female. An alpha female walks into a store and sees something she likes. She doesn’t stand around and evaluate why she shouldn’t get it, she doesn’t think of more cost efficient options (while sometimes maybe she should, but still), she doesn’t text her mom for advice — an alpha female gets it. She gets what she wants. That thing she saw in the store was a jacket that she loved and knew would make you look absolutely dashing! She feels confident enough in her taste in clothing and as most alpha girls are very observant, she knows your size and fit as well.

She will surprise you with the “Babe look at this cute shirt I saw today, I thought you could wear this to your event on Friday” for absolutely no reason. She wants to see you smile. So she’ll go to the complete opposite end of the city to get you your favorite tacos from the not so nice taco shop in the not so nice parking lot in the not so nice part of town, for you. You’ll wake up to her jumping on you with her crazy bed hair flaring and her make-up-less goofy face staring you in the eye as you wonder why in the world is she this wide awake and hyper at 6am. But you’ll love it.

3. She’ll challenge you intellectually and emotionally bringing out, what might have lacked a substantial public appearance, the human in you.

Pride is a major roadblock for a lot of men. An alpha female will at some point make you swallow it. The pride, that is (get out the gutter guys). An alpha female excels in acquiring knowledge and skills through her independent pursuits in life. She carries herself maturely and isn’t afraid of challenging an idea you bring up or a misconception you may have. Don’t mistake her firm and strong exterior for lacking a soft and genuine internal matter. An alpha female is very emotional. She may not show it often but when she’s frustrated or angry, she’ll cry hard.

She’ll drive to get things off her mind and try her best to hide her emotions, so don’t be mistaken- they’re there. And there are a-lot of them. You’d never think you’d show your bare, true, vulnerable self – until you meet an alpha female. She will break down your walls, tear down your barriers, and find the true you beneath the layers of furnish. You will find yourself when you otherwise might not have- without your alpha female girlfriend.

4. Her spunk and high spirits will spice up your potential boring and solemn routine lifestyle.

She bumps the stereo anytime you’re in the car, dances when she feels a good beat in the middle of the grocery store, jumps of joy and high fives strangers, takes random trips when she has a free day, and laughs so uncontrollably she reaffirms with you “is my laugh annoying” and then continues to laugh even more. An alpha female doesn’t lack confidence, therefore feels the freedom to act as she wishes. She likes to have fun and live every day like there’s no tomorrow.

She maintains her mature and aware sense, but you will very rarely experience a dull moment with an alpha female. If she’s every quiet, she’s almost 98% upset about something, so just get her ice cream (you’re welcome). She’ll pull you out of bed and take you somewhere extremely random and exciting… or maybe just jump in and make a fort to play UNO under with a flashlight. She’s full of surprises.

5. She’ll push you and motivate you to never settle for less than the best.

An alpha female has extremely high expectations for herself (and then in turn, others too). She wants to be the best. She wants her parents to be proud and her youngest siblings to symbolize her as a role model. She doesn’t care what others think and jumps hurdles and hoops day by day to reach her ultimate self. With her high standards, she won’t accept slack from you either.

I’m not saying she’ll be the Miss Trunchbull of your life, but she sure as hell will keep you working, and working hard. She doesn’t care what you’re striving for, as long as you’re striving. She admires effort and hard work and will be the one to push you when you’re feeling down or to pull you when you’re almost there. Everyone needs a nudge sometimes, or a few words of encouragement. Let’s just say an alpha female might do a bit more than that.

6. She’ll stimulate, entertain and intimidate you in ways no other girl has with her wit, humor and occasional sarcasm.

An alpha female will be playful, fun and sometimes might hurt your feelings if you’re a real sensitive dude. But usually, you can handle her playful wit. She means no harm. She enjoys bouncing around jokes and a smart-ass humor from time to time. She’ll tell you random facts and teach you things about your sleep cycle that might blow your mind. You’ll be surprised how much she knows.

She’s not only street smart, but book smart and life smart. Her wisdom at such a young age will impress you and you might sometimes feel a slight bit of intimidation from your alpha female. Almost any guy can agree, a girl who knows her sh*t is pretty damn hot. An alpha girl will show up anyone in an argument, impress you with her score in Anagrams and almost will have to forcibly let you win a round of UNO cause she is just so damn good.

7. She’ll love you, hard.

An alpha female has a heart of gold. She feels everything at an amplified level of emotion. When she’s sad, she’s in a hole. When she’s happy, she bounces of walls. When she’s in love, she loves harder than anyone else. She will cry at the expression of telling you “I love you” because an expression of those 3 short words is more than just a diction of a 3 syllable phrase. It’s an expression of one of her deepest and strongest feelings she’s ever felt for someone and she doesn’t experience it often. Alpha females don’t fall for guys frequently, but when they do, they fall.

This means she will show you more than any girl has shown you before, how amazing you are. She will repeatedly make sure you’re reminded of your amazing qualities and the bad ones too from time to time, only out of love and care to help you improve. She’ll care for you as much as your own mother and treat you like a king, or sometimes like her child. Depends which hat you’re wearing that day. Her love will be endless. So once you’re in, you’ll never want to get out. Make sure you don’t lose her, cause once you have an alpha female, you’ll be he happiest man in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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