45 Reasons We Shouldn’t Have Elected Donald Trump As Our 45th President

Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Tomorrow, Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. In case you needed something to counter balance the grandeur of the event, or need to counterbalance the temptation to buy that he is a decent human being, I’ve assembled a list of 45 moral, personal, key litmus test transgressions that are NOT POLITICAL (an area in which I also disagree with him).

They are ranked in no particular order:

1. Mocked a disabled reporter.

2. Bragged about sexually assaulting women.

3. Said he would never actually sexually assault someone when he had said that he had done so.

4. Called women who said he did what he said he did liars.

5. Questioned the service of American POWs and their heroism.

6. Questioned the fitness of a Mexican-American Justice to judge a case based upon his race.

7. Has called women pigs, dogs, and disgusting.

8. Didn’t pay his taxes for years (and refuses to release his tax returns to prove otherwise).

9. Labeled an African American supporter: “Look at my African American over here.”

10. Appointed an alt-right neo-Nazi darling (Steve Bannon) to be his adviser.

11. Refused to specifically denounce David Duke’s support for his campaign.

12. Called for Russia to hack his political opponents.

13. Would sleep with his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter.

14. Attacked Civil Rights Movement hero John Lewis.

15. Attacked a Gold Star family.

16. Questioned Barack Obama’s citizenship for years.

17. Called Mexicans rapists (though some might be good people).

18. Called to ban people from this country based upon their faith.

19. Unconfirmed, but may have employed Russian prostitutes which gave Russia the golden opportunity to blackmail him.

20. Called for “second amendment people” to deal with Hillary.

21. Said Ted Cruz’s dad maybe killed JFK (based on a lie).

22. Refuses to divest from his business because it would be “an undue burden” on him financially.

23. Attacked Intelligence Service members.

24. Has clear and obvious ties to the mafia.

25. Attached a “cowboy” star to Hillary and a pile of money (that was the Star of David).

26. Said that African Americans in the cities have “nothing to lose.”

27. Lies about his height….

28. Refused to rent apartments to minority applicants.

29. Ran a very fake university that scammed low-income would-be students.

30. Has refused to pay workers and businesses that have worked for him.

31. Used charity money to bribe a public official investigating him.

32. Used charity money to settle personal lawsuits.

33. Used charity money to buy a painting of himself.

34. Doesn’t believe in the concept of a hero (proceeds to praise himself).

35. Released Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number because he disagreed with him.

36. Did business in Cuba while bashing Castro.

37. Refuses to label war-criminal Vladimir Putin a war-criminal.

38. Mike Pence…

39. Lies about his previous statements and positions (Iraq War as example #1).

40. Offered to pay for the legal bills of people who beat up protesters at his rallies (but then didn’t).

41. Refused to acknowledge that Russia hacked the DNC, White House, etc.

42. “She wouldn’t be my first choice,” was his response to a women who claimed he groped her.

43. Has claimed that he has both met and not met Putin (unclear).

44. Attacking Heidi Cruz’s mental health, and for working at Goldman (proceeds to hire Goldman bankers).

45. “Blood coming out of her wherever.”

This was too easy to come up with. This isn’t normal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jake Vasilj is a 3rd Year at The Ohio State University studying political science and history.

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