5 Reasons Why You Should Wait Before Sharing Your Goals

After figuring out a big goal, most people want to share them with everyone – their family, friends, even strangers. Giddiness and excitement takes over – after all that soul searching, you finally have a future and mapped out a plan on how to achieve the goal. When you announce it, you hear yourself saying it which seals the deal into action. Only, that’s not always the case. Thus, announcing your goals is not the best idea. Keep your goal a secret (at least for a while, anyway).

1. Once you announce your goals, pressure begins to build.

The pressure comes from every which way – parents, friends, co-workers, but most of all and importantly: YOU. 
Suddenly, you feel the NEED to achieve your goals and to do to quickly. After some time, you feel overwhelmed, cut corners, before eventually losing sight of the goal and the motivation altogether.

2. There are necessary steps that you must take in order to reach your goal.

You do not necessarily need to follow them in a particular order. When that’s the case and everyone knows about your goals, you receive unwanted opinions which order of steps you should take, which is what needs to be avoided. Remember, this is YOUR goal, no one else’s. Focus on what is important to you.

3. Before dropping the big news, you already want to be in motion; have a smooth foundation cemented.

Having done so, you gain momentum, giving you more motivation. You also have an actual visual of your progress and all you need to do is follow on through.

4. You do not want to be discouraged before attempting your goal.

There will always be that person or group that is unsupportive, critical, doubtful, and negative, putting you down, telling you that you will never succeed. You never want to lose sight of your goals even before making an attempt. By keeping your goals to yourself, you avoid all the drama.

5. As said before, your goals do not have to be a secret forever.

Share it with someone when it’s the right time. Make sure the person you tell is someone you trust, value their opinions, is logical, and give great advice (that you actually follow). Explain your goal, the steps you’ve taken so far, where you’re at presently, and your future plans. 
At this point, two heads are better than one – you’re also getting an outsider’s point of view, which is necessary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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