8 Signs You’re Actually Normal AF

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1. You’re unhappy with your living situation.

Whether you’re living at home with your parents rent-free, with a couple of friends renting an apartment, or are buying your first house – I can bet you’re unhappy. Parents are too overbearing, friends are just plain old annoying, and pay a mortgage is too fucking adult for you to handle.

2. You hate your job.

Yeah working as a cashier at Whole Foods wasn’t your ideal career choice after undergrad but hey it’s a paycheck! But not much of one so you’re really relying on those LinkedIn.com emails to come through one of these days

3. Family get togethers make you cringe.

You love your family! Really! But that aunt you see 3 times a year really gets under your skin when she asks what you really see yourself doing in life – Aunt Lauren, let me live!

4. You think all your friends are out traveling the world while you’re sitting on your couch.

LET’S BE REAL HERE; everyone puts out their best selves on social media. Went to Europe on your family vacation 8 years ago? Throw a filter on that and call it a #tbt to your time spent in France ~finding yourself~. Really, everyone is sitting on their couch on their days off. Don’t kid yourself.

5. You are unsatisfied with your relationship status.

If you’re single you wish you were with someone and if you’re in a relationship you wish you were single, or married, one of the two. Being in your twenties is a ‘grass is greener’ kind of deal.

6. You hate your friends.

Ok you love your friends but you also somewhat hate them when they get a promotion or get engaged or buy a house. Is everyone becoming an adult without you?! What the hell?

7. You think you should be doing more with your life.

And not just because dear old mom and dad tell you so. Watching America’s Next Top Model and realizing the models are 7 years younger than you and are signed to a major agency really puts life into perspective.

8. Fitspo is a way of life.

Somehow going out and drinking copious amounts of margaritas and going out for late night pizza but still waking up with abs became a social norm.

Truth be told whatever you’re doing is normal, but seriously Aunt Lauren, buzz off. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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