20 Things I Sincerely Miss About Being A Teenager

The OC

1. Staying up ridiculously late on a school night because it was just high school and like, who cares?

2. Being super ~emotional~ by posting a Dashboard Confessional lyric or ‘leave some love!’ … remember when people used to freely post their phone numbers on AIM or Facebook? Can you imagine?

3. Wanting to impress people… but in like a superficial way, not like an 401k way…

4. Early 00s ’emo pop rock’; they seriously had some great lyricists… I mean Fall Out Boy? COME ON!

5. Just texting and calling without social media (as I post on Twitter and Tumblr).

6. Making a fool out of myself – ‘where did this FB album come from?! Oh my god I look so ugly UNTAG!!’ Not like ‘well that performance appraisal went awful, I can kiss that 2% raise goodbye.’

7. Sneaking around trying to get drunk off vodka in a water bottle as opposed to ordering an $8 drink at a bar.

8. Hiding out in a bathroom at a house party to gossip with my friends.

9. Guys making a fool out of themselves – ‘omg did you just see Zach do a naked lap after losing that game of beer pong? He is so crazy!’

10. Random people at parties that I’d have friend requests from in the morning.

11. Driving around at 1 or 2am listening to music to go meet friends at a 24 hr diner.

12. Meeting new people.

13. The DRAMA of it all. I think I really thought I lived in an MTV show.

14. People on MTV being older than me! ‘Like omg I’m going to be so pretty and cool like her when I’m 22′.

15. Caring about my appearance. Why did I take 40 minutes to get ready just to go to english class at 8 am?

16. School + homework. Would 100% take that over work + bills.

17. Having time to figure out your career – I’m only 16! I’ll be making 6 figures after college.

18. Having college to look forward to.

19. Being able to save all the money you make babysitting. And only needing to babysit like 8 hours a week to support your 2am diner food and/or your water bottle filled with vodka.

20. Feeling invincible. Somewhere there’s science to support that this feeling is normal but I have bills to get back to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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