The Truth Behind Every Rejection

Nicki Varkevisser
Nicki Varkevisser

The sun does not always shine bright when you wake up in the morning. Sometimes, it is cloudy and gloomy, making you feel tired and empty. There are also times when you feel weak and scared because it’s raining hard and the thunder roars dramatically.

The sad truth about life is that it is full of rejections.

There are days when you feel like quitting after you gave your best shot and nothing happened. You are ready to give up after being dumped, left, and rejected. You decide to end it all because life keeps on throwing you lemons.

The truth is that you can make lemonade even without the sugar. You can still play outside and let the rain pour down on you like no one cares.

No one wants to be rejected, not even you and your hopeful soul. But here’s a truth: Every rejection makes a person his/her best.

Rejection opens doors to better opportunities, bigger than you could ever have dreamed of, ones that are destined for you. Rejection allows you to see things in other perspectives and try out new activities that are outside of your comfort zone. It leads you to the right person, the one who truly deserves the love you give. It lets you accept big failures and appreciate the smallest victories.

Rejection humbles you. Always.

Don’t feel sorry when your crush ignored your friend request. Don’t blame yourself for screwing up that first job interview or for not getting the promotion. Don’t doubt yourself when others question your capabilities because they think you did not give your best. Don’t change your perspective of love when someone special says “no” because that person doesn’t deserve your love. Don’t hate life just because rejection keeps on hitting you.

The truth is that it is not the end of the world.

Remember, you are allowed to feel the pain and cry if you want, but not for too long. Because the truth is that in every rejection, life is telling you that something bigger and better is coming your way. Someone deserving and loving will prove why it didn’t work with the people you loved before.

Someday, it will all make sense. You just have to believe.

The truth behind every rejection is that it makes you stronger. You become the person who stands courageously after falling, the one who remains optimistic when negatives conquer the entire room. Someone who doesn’t easily surrender when confronted with fears.

The truth behind every rejection is that life doesn’t stop. It goes on and on. You just have to keep on trying and make things happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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