Don’t Chase Love, Let It Find You

Alexis Nyal
Alexis Nyal

Love is not something you can get wherever you are and whenever you want. It is not always ‘gettable’ even it’s for free. You can’t buy love at the bookstore, take it home with you, and later enjoy it while sipping a hot cup of coffee. You can’t bump into it while walking in the park or riding the bus. You can’t have it the first time you swipe right.

It is not that beautiful pair of shoes that catches your attention while you shop. Neither is it one of the surprise gifts that you will receive on your birthday, nor a newfound hobby that helps you enjoy the rest of the day.

Love is very hard to find. Don’t chase it.

Don’t chase love inside the church. Instead, pray for your future partner. Don’t chase it while picking up some groceries, yet plan a scrumptious dinner instead. Don’t chase it at the music festival; rather feel free to move as you dance to the beat of that good music.

Don’t chase love. Never.

Don’t chase love because someday you will get surprised with a hug from behind. You will walk proudly while holding each other’s hands. You will also travel together and take memorable photos, while watching the sun as it kisses the horizon.

Don’t chase love when you’re tired of being alone. Don’t chase it when reality slaps you with what ifs and fearful thoughts. Don’t chase it just because you think you are giving the love they deserve. Soon, you will get tired and eventually stop. You are going to miss that love you’ve always wanted.

Don’t chase love because finding the right one is not a race. Don’t get pressured when all your friends are breaking singlehood. Remember, your heart is a work in progress. You have to be prepared to feel the excitement, happiness, and pain all at the same time. You need to find the self you lost first because you keep on chasing love.

The day will come; you will feel love through a sweet text message when you wake up in the morning. You will see the memories of your laughter during a romantic date flashing just before you close your eyes at night. You will also going to hear it when your heart beats so fast the moment you receive those tight hugs and kisses after a long tiring day. You will find love when you try not to chase it. The right person will come at the perfect time. It maybe not today or the next day, but trust me, it will come. Soon. Just keep your hopes high and let love find its way.

Let love find you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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