Asian Women Are NOT The Victims


There is this silly idea out there that asian women are being victimized, that asian women, who comprise of one of the most successful groups in American society today, visible in all fields of endeavor such as politics, academia, business, science and math, sports, and media, are being taken advantage of, sexually exploited, objectified, degraded, humiliated, raped and tortured, abducted and kidnapped by those bad bad white men. 

Haha! Such a nonsensical myth can only be the brainchild of angry asian men and bitter white women who want to shame and scare asian women, because those white women know they would never be able to compete with us asian women, and those asian men know as well that we are never going back to those disgusting little oafs. 

So, quite the contrary, no, not only are asian women not the victims, but actually we are the greatest beneficiaries of this great global multiculturalism. 

Just look around you, the most visible Asian female figures in modern American society are ALL asian women married to white men: Amy Tan, Amy Chua, Michelle Kwan, Iris Chang, Jucy Liu, Jing Ulrich, vice chairman at JP Morgan, Elaine Chao, US Secretary of Labor,  Fan Chung, a Chinese female mathematician, Chuu-Lian Terng, another Chinese female mathematician who later married her Ph. D. advisor Richard Palais, Chikako Mese, a Japanese female mathematician, Sheryl WuDunn, Eileen Chang, Maggie Cheung, Karen Mok, Zhang Ziyi, Yuan Li, etc. etc. etc. I have actually never met a successful Asian American woman who is NOT married to a white man. I studied math at a very prestigious college in America, and there were quite a few Asian female mathematicians where I studied, and without exceptions, if they are not single, then they are all married to white men.

Hmmm, let me see, so, can you name me one successful Asian woman who is not married to a white man? That’s right, you can’t! 

Not even a single one. Isn’t that pathetic? Oh my god, Asian women are sooooo being exploited by white men that all the most successful Asian women, those harbingers of feminism and strong independent Asian women, who top Fortune 500, solve algebraic varieties in 5-dimensional manifold, write for the New York Times and get their Ph.D’s from Stanford, Princeton and Yale, are all married to white men!  We are so oppressed. Who is gonna save us? 

Asian men, please save me from white men who is exploiting me and objectifying me as nothing but sexual objects and take me back to Asia and put me in your tight foot binding tradition and Japanese style bondage. To all you angry asian men and bitter white women, quit shaming asian women-white men couples and recognize yourself for what you are–evolutionary byproduct that will be replaced sooner or later, so why don’t you just drop dead! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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