When The Timing Is All Wrong

Tachina Lee

I had one foot out the door and the other half way in, wishful thinking.

Maybe we just needed time? A little space to figure things out.

I hadn’t completely picked my feet up when I walked away.

Here you were, dealing with a heart that you didn’t break. Will to heal what was wounded by showing you were different.

And here I was.. hesitant, guarded and cautious. Maybe too cautious?

You never gave me a reason to not trust your words because you showed me everything with action.

I wasn’t able to fully give you all of me because pieces of me were scattered in my past.

I was like a turtle. Sticking my head out, interested in you but quick to pull back and hide in my shell.

Slow to move forward because I was scared.

I met you too soonThought Catalog Logo Mark

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