Being Black In America

Ralph Evans

So let me get this straight.. 

You take away all of our leaders to mislead us like get them out of here we don’t need them.

Put on this persona like “the land of the free”. What freedom? 

See you and your people live a different life than my people. I’m sure you go to sleep every night in your bed peaceful. 

They never gave us a chance so don’t tell me we just stuck in the past with the mindset of oppression. When it’s still happening today.. killing this one and that one and the next one and the next one. 

We can’t just say we hate black people so, let’s keep changing the laws.. throw some cocaine to the blacks.. wait let’s go back, way back, matter of fact. 

They called a war on drugs before drugs even hit the streets.

Y’all wouldn’t even let us educate ourselves but somehow we took flight and brought some drugs back right? 

Nah.. The CIA did that. 

So you put the drugs in our neighborhood while at the same time, taking away the little jobs that we did have. Then once the drugs started circulating, you moved our jobs to the burbs. 

Where we going with no transportation? 

We didn’t have cars, but y’all knew that. So y’all did that. So what’s left? Anger? Crime? Theft? 

How bout we use what everybody want right? The drugs that you provided us with?

I mean you took the legal jobs away, kept us together and made us stay. 
I got no choice but to try and make a profit. I got a family, I’m just trying to make a way. 

You got me where you want me and then you clean up the streets by calling us “criminals, welfare queen, criminal predator, black ghetto mother.” This was in the media, these messages not subliminal! 

Now I got a record and everything is working out how you expected. 

I can’t be with my lady anymore because she’s government funded. If she let me in the house with a police record, we gon’ be house hunting. 

We might as well make a pallet on the streets because the banks not financing us and a landlord not giving us a lease. 

Now my son is fatherless because I was trying to provide the only way I knew how. 

I can’t even live in the same household as my lady, what she gon’ do now? 

FBI funding going up. Pay increases. Raiding homes with no rights, finder’s keepers. 

I mean it was everything to see Obama as President. But it seems like America got worse and its evident. 

Yeah, when Obama won it was a celebration but that didn’t stop them from discriminating. 

We doing the same crime but his skin lighter than mine, so he gets less time? 

Something not right, something fishy. Why every time he do something, the court declares he got a mental condition? 

Then, y’all go and create new laws, new traffic stops and violations. Here we are, yet again, a target for discrimination. 

It’s like the people with a badge should be the first we call but they’re the last. 

They killing us for skittles, “we don’t need you to follow him,” with our hands up, licensed to carry, its sad. 

It’s hard to rise when y’all trying to protect us from every opportunity there is.

You judge me off the name on my resume, you judge me if I have dreads, you judge me if I have my natural hair moisturized and free all over my head. 

Basically you want me dead?

I can’t be me. I can’t be who I am because it’s unpleasing to this country. 

Being black in America…….

We ain’t free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, DePaul University alumna, and an unpaid mentor for family and friends.

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