The Way I Want Someone To Look At Me


I want that look. You know the one I’m talking about. That look that pierces you and makes you nervous and terrified and happy all at the same time.

I want that feeling that when you look at me, somehow you only see me. You don’t see that one hair that never is in the right place on my head, you don’t see the dark circles under my eyes that are clear indications that I totally ignored your advice and stayed up way later than I should have, you don’t even see that gorgeous girl sitting right behind me that I instantly hated the minute she walked in.

I want that look that says that you have dated other girls and kissed other mouths and looked at countless other girls, but the only one you want to be looking at, the only mouth you want to see smile, the only eyes you want to memorize the colors of are mine.

I want to look into your brown eyes and see you thinking of the future. A future where the both of us are happy. No matter what we do or where we end up, I want to see a future where the two of us are together and happy when I look into your eyes. I want the look that says, “I would give anything to jump across this table and kiss you right now.” A look that screams, “I want you.”

I want that look that makes me smile my big stupid grin, the grin I hate but that you say you love. The look that makes me feel like as if I were to turn away right now, I know I would still feel you looking at me.

I want the look that I will never get tired of. I want that look that doesn’t make me feel weird about feeling like as if I am giving you the same look. I want my look to be reflected back at me, but only 100 times cuter and way sexier from you. I want that look so that I can know that you are the only one I want to ever look at again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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