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The Most Challenging Thing About Love Is Learning How To Bring It Inward

Sometimes, the most challenging thing about love
is learning how to bring it inward
to learn that building a relationship with yourself, in the name of love, helps you tend to your life more fully
by nourishing your authenticity by nourishing your truth
nourishing you, in all stages, transitions, and transformations
going in and loving you

Embarking on the journey of bringing love inward
and preparing to go so far in, deeply in
you will fall upon the discovery of vast landscapes
caves and forests of beauty
places that have remained unknown
and untouched for so long

In turn, that love supporting your heart
supports a dance of opening and closing,
giving and receiving, and allows more space for presence
more space for you
allowing you room to spread your beauty across the seas
allowing you to take up space and be fully you

As you bring the love in
your needs begin to flow, they are met with acknowledgment
met with grace, met with appreciation
your needs begin to speak and give others the permission
to speak theirs

The dance unfolds with grace
fluid, moving to a song that is yours
the giving and receiving, seeing and believing,
honoring and understanding,
holding in and letting go
opening and closing
you embody the dance

Loving yourself fully, deeply and unconditionally
is a hard but fulfilling journey
moving in towards your centre and then moving out
a deeper meaning begins to unfold as you become
become just you, from a place of love

As you move the love inward, like the lotus seed
that can remain dormant for thousands of years
in this time, it is just fulfilling a journey of loving inward
until one day, when it feels ready
not based on its external world,
but when, instead, it feels ready,
it begins to transform and grow
out of the mud, through the adversities
it becomes, it grows
it sits in love
enveloping in all of itself, in its wisdom

As you guide your love inward
confidence allows itself to be
stitched back together with the sweet words
your mother dreamed of in her sleep
as your grew quietly strong in her womb

As you guide your love inward
you begin to unveil your purpose
of spreading seeds of beauty and understanding in this world

As you guide your love inward
the wisdom buried deep
that the little girl holds inside you
sings a spell that knows what she needs

As you guide your love inward
the story that is yours and only yours to tell
spills onto the pages of belief, one petal of
wisdom and truth at a time
you begin to believe in you

How should you begin?
Breathe, pause,
take a moment to settle into your heart
and be ready to take to the leap
as you step into your journey of loving inward

Brings clarity to the heart and depth to the soul.

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