body of water surrounded with green trees

The Bank Of Possibility

What happens when you move in
the wrong direction?
When you veer off course?
That inner knowing that screams and
waves its arms up desperately
to get your attention,
asking you to take notice of what is taking place
in the very moment as the
misunderstandings are starting to take shape
intentions that are overshadowed and
misrepresented on the spot

How did you get here?
The wonder seems so deep and murky
and pulls you in like quicksand
a place where the movement makes it worse

To not move, to not shake it off, is so hard
you have to be still in it
you must be still and be in that place of discomfort
it has to envelop you
it takes you whole
it takes all of you so that you can
see clearly and move effortlessly out

It is heavy and pulls
it is hard not to want to keep your head just
above the surface
that is what you are supposed to do
keep your head above the surface
so you stay steady
you find it
it hides right in the center of your knowing
it pulls you under, right under
you don’t move
you think you can’t breathe
but it is stillness

You are still and steady
you pull your heart up
with the intentions of your being
you pull the soul up and out of the muck
out of the heaviness of fear
you pull, the heart pulls
it pulls you out

You sit quietly on the bank
of possibility
intentions surrounding you with love
and hope
beneath you, you are grounded in truth
above you
you are serenaded by the stars of the
ancestors that see your
ancient being
your whole self
full of tenderness and magic
of knowing what it feels like
to sink into discomfort
to become closer to the knowing
of who you truly are and who you wish to be
all in a place of possibility

Brings clarity to the heart and depth to the soul.

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