The Fire Of You And Me

We are on fire when we are connected
the neurons of the soul
connect us more than you will ever know
we are made of stories that are so complex
yet it is a simple recipe that makes us so magical, so human, so real
moved by the world through the soul’s intentions, mirroring, feeling, moving
breathing in the intentions that dance so swiftly, so gracefully
through the universe, ever calling in search of finding your one
to share your bed with, a love full of truth

This love is only found when two souls
meet and fit just ever so sweetly in the hands of the other
like when the sun so delicately kisses the sky
these intentions are mysteriously created in the quiet of the night
wishes that are brewed in the spaces in between wake and dreaming
must be let go so they can be carried by the winds
that travel beyond the landscapes of the imagination
to a place you never thought was possible
or of existence

Once let go, you must wait; it will come back
slowly, with the patience of a bamboo flower
it always arrives quietly
when you are not paying attention
it always comes back to find you, searching
shaped and transformed by hope
bringing you offerings
of love and the wisdom of pain that only true beauty can offer
moved by the sweetest rhythms
the body speaks a language that moves
you beyond words and beyond knowing how moved
and connected the other is
the mirror, it is there, it connects you to the other

She dances, your body is pulled to her dance
she paints, your body follows her brush strokes
she weeps in pain for connection again
you feel her pain, her pain is yours
she screams words of joy and feels
the freedom under her toes
you feel joy, you drink in her freedom
she sees you so deeply
the waters seem to part and open you up to places
you have never seen

She sees your vulnerability
she feels your vulnerability
you open more to this life
the manifestation of intention has
brought you to her
have no fear, she can guide you
your neurons fire and fire again
creating a path that is the road
to love, love that can only speak from the heart
but first, it must come from your soul
from your authenticity, so the heart can light a fire
connecting you more to yourself, more to this world
and more to the heart of your truth
right to the heart
of your fire

Brings clarity to the heart and depth to the soul.

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