Self-Care Is No Easy Feat

There can be darkness
in the depths of care
to reach the self can be the
most challenging journey
the extension of self can feel
more at ease in the gesture of reaching out
to care for others
and feel foreign,
in the gesture of reaching in
to cradle our own hearts

Self-care is no easy feat
it can feel the most
inaccessible, the most daunting
how do you listen within to what is asking
to be seen,
asking be tended to?

The hurt parts
need to be seen with compassion
need to be heard, acknowledged
and loved with deep acceptance
like the way the ocean holds the earth’s heart
and how the wind can carry your being to your breath

It is in the breath
that there, you can find ease
find the steady that is to be found
within the discomfort
as you move through…
it is the bringing of your awareness
to the present, holding all
in that very moment
with the wisest
part of yourself

Curiously, you dance in the midst
of unbalance to bring your full self
right back to your centre
being held by the breath
being supported by the soul
being held by the knowing
of all that you know,
and the openness to know what you don’t

Self-care is unique to each of us
an elixir made just right for you
a ritual that is yours to unfold
listen, to want lands in the heart
what feels right and full
what allows space for rest
and the space for a soft strength

To be at ease, to be at rest
not in a place of protection or fear
but to instead melt away into your knowledge
of the present moment
gently listening to the secret bells
of your wisdom
here in the moment of awareness,
all the steps to care for the self
are right within you

Focus on what you know
and what is true
you can slow down the reactions
and instead, respond
with gentle love, care and reflection

Maybe you need to move
maybe rest
maybe it is to stay in the discomfort, until it
gently shifts and transforms into knowledge
maybe you need to connect
or disconnect
maybe you need to laugh or pause
maybe you need stillness, for just a minute
to gain perspective

Self-care is for you
you are the only one who knows exactly
what it is that you need
you are the only one that has the wisdom
to heal your own heart
the self welcomes all of you in each moment
all you need is a small opening
a small welcome
to give yourself permission
to care
for you Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Brings clarity to the heart and depth to the soul.

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