Beneath It All Lives A Place

Beneath it all lives a place
that can reach the deeper valley
of what we desire
that desire, so effortlessly
grows like patches of
sweet grass
it dances with freedom
and welcomes each movement with grace

Mysterious magic is allowed to unfold
and gently perch on the crescent moon
looking for the words that have not
been created into existence yet
a language that has not been unearthed
it’s uniqueness
is found within the silent moments
in the pauses, in the listening

Sharing space and embodying
the time you offer the other
to genuinely hear and hold one’s whole being
without judgement or compare
the uniqueness is,
that there is no need for comparison
just connection,
a connection of being

What is brought forth in these
moments allows space for awareness
space for humbleness
of gratitude
that can answer the question
of what it means
to be human

That innate compassion
can get so quickly
overshadowed by the ego of wanting
of reacting,
that takes away from authenticity
from the reflections that live
so delicately
on the ocean’s surface of the heart
that offers wisdom on
how to move in this world
how to respond
by giving all to yourself

Being vulnerable in your strength
is to stand out
and to stand with
and hold a collective heart
in the hands of awareness
decolonising the earth
one step at a time
with an appreciation for the other
appreciation for desires
and the gorgeousness of the soul

To breathe the air effortlessly
without fear
learning and taking in
every story
the heart has to offer
weaving the voices
with curiosity
connecting to an ancient place again
that needs no symbol to be understood

In the land of miscommunication
it is only found in the taking in
the taking in of the other,
to acknowledge
beyond a screen,
to hold a hand,
not through a text
but to look beneath
and see, that we are part of the other

Beneath it all,
lives a place of desire
to be acknowledged
and allowed to run free
it can be found
if you decide to look
beneath Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Brings clarity to the heart and depth to the soul.

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