To My Best Friend Who Doesn’t Get Why I Miss My Ex

To My Best Friend Who Doesn't Get Why I Miss My Ex
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Your best friends get you through everything. The zit on your nose, the bio quiz you failed, and the eight pounds you gained during the holidays. They understand your pain, they empathize when you feel like you’re going crazy. So why doesn’t your best friend understand that you miss your ex?

Well, girl, it isn’t easy. I don’t wake up in the morning and think, “He’s an ass and didn’t deserve me but I’m going to miss him anyway.” Is he an ass? Yes. Did he deserve me? Hell no! But you can’t just stop loving someone because they leave.

I don’t miss having a boyfriend. I don’t miss wondering what he was out doing Saturday when he lied to me. I don’t miss when he brought me coffee to work, and I don’t miss his indecisiveness when we watched horror movies.

I miss waking up to a text. I miss calling him just to hear his voice. I miss having a best friend that smacked my butt and told me I was pretty.

Love isn’t about liking every part about a person. If it was, breakups wouldn’t suck. We miss the person we were when he was here. Sometimes we feel like that person will never be back.

Believe me when I say, I’m grateful that you love me. I’m grateful that as my bestie, you wanted better for me. I appreciate going to Olive Garden when I’m heartbroken. Please know that I’m trying my best. I may not cry into some ice cream every day or send you texts asking why he couldn’t love me, but that doesn’t mean that I’m over it. I still have a little bit farther to go, so please be patient while I start over.

And be patient when I eat all the ice cream, I’m allowed to because I’m single and sad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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