19 Reassuring Things To Remind Yourself Every Day

19 Reassuring Things To Remind Yourself Every Day

You’ve made it to another day and maybe this day will be your best yet. Maybe this day will be your hardest yet. Or maybe it will be just another day. Either way, you made it to the gift of today and your tomorrows are all gifts, too.

Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Your heart has drowned in oceans and climbed its way out of deep waters bringing you back to life. Your heart hasn’t given up on your journey. It has continued beating even when you thought it might stop. It continues to beat even when you’re not consciously thinking about it beating. How beautiful is your body – it keeps you going without you having to remind it to.

Remind yourself of the growth you’ve made. The situations you can handle now that you were never able to handle before. The situations that caused your walls to cave in are now pillars of strength for you. The more you’ve spoken up for yourself, the more you’ve found healing. The more you’ve put your heart first, the more you’ve found freedom. Every single seed that becomes a tree of life must break open to begin growing. You have broken to begin growing and you are blooming. You are giving life to the life around you.

Remind yourself of the person you’ve become. You are no longer someone who lives for themselves. You are someone who lives to love others. The darkness you have lived is now Light for people who desperately need it. The shadows that have followed you are now in front of you serving as wisdom for people who desperately need it. People desperately need your stories.

Remind yourself that you are good enough the exact way you are. The voices of society and the people around you aren’t who you are. The opinions of the world aren’t who you are. You aren’t less than in the places you feel less than.

Remind yourself that you can let go of the past. You don’t have to let go right away and you’re not meant to feel free right away.

Remind yourself that with all change, Light shows up. Your future is not only bright, but it is also being guided by Light.

Remind yourself you are capable. People will have much to say about the way you’re living or the dreams you’re planning. You can’t always trust people’s advice who haven’t lived through anything similar to what you have.

Remind yourself you are not what you once did, you are what you do now.

Remind yourself you are worth everything. 

Remind yourself it’s okay to not be busy all the time.

Remind yourself to not get caught up in busyness. 

Remind yourself to take it one thing at a time.

Remind yourself to take your meds if you need them. You’re not weak. 

Remind yourself it’s worth living. 

Remind yourself everything cannot happen all at once.

Remind yourself that you always get through. You are here today.

Remind yourself to be kind, regardless. 

Remind yourself you’re loved beyond your knowledge.

Remind yourself to put yourself before anything else. 

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.

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