Stop Running From Your Sadness — The Only Way To Heal Your Hurt Is To Allow Yourself To Feel It

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It doesn’t hit you right away. They ask how you’re holding up so well after everything that just happened and you don’t even know the answer to that seemingly simple question.
Maybe you’re numb, you’ve fallen into a dimension that’s not truly reality anymore. It’s anything but easy to admit you’ve gone somewhere else for awhile. Somewhere that takes the truth and wraps it away into a safe you threw the key away to. To not have to greet truth is way less painful than getting to know it.
I’ve noticed people become madly uncomfortable around truth.
You’ve been going about your days nonchalantly. As if what happened, never happened.
And you go, you go, and you go some more.
And at the most unexpected moment, the balloon of numbness you’ve aired up gets popped by a needle you didn’t see coming.
You’re never ready for the moment your numbness gets taken away from you and you’re left in a burning room. You’re left with a soul that is screaming for oxygen, screaming for something to keep you going.
Everything hurts and your only option is to sit there and feel everything.
The needle of reality always pops comfort eventually.
You’re alone in the world everyone else has been living in waiting for you to join.
And you feel like no one is capable of understanding what you just had to sit through. It wasn’t even a storm, because it was calm to the flesh and you thought you were doing the divine thing the whole time. It was a wave that held perfect rhythm all the way to the shore line. It felt so right. In your soul’s eyes, you were convinced it was so right.
Sometimes, the most destructive storms are the ones that we can’t see happening. Sometimes, those are the ones that hurt the most.
They’re hidden by lies your vulnerable, innocent, precious soul isn’t capable of until a lamp comes in and brings darkness to light.
So you hide until you’re forced to come out.
It’s time to come out. Stop hiding behind the wall of comfort darkness has built.
Feel everything.
It’s time.
I finally cried after not being able to for too long.
And for the first time, I said “thank you” to my tears. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.

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