My Boyfriend Reviewing A Bowl Of Ramen:

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I’m debating ramen again
Is that self care
Jacob I need to KNOW
I’ve had two places
Need to try a third


Omg delicious
This isn’t the hottest broth
The second place was piping hot
This is better than the first time though
I don’t like paper bowls
Their potstickers aren’t as good as the last place


the plastic spoon they provided is good. it’s a soup spoon, some places give a small spoon
potstickers aren’t krisp
the first place had the best pork though. melt in your mouth
so many factors
i think this one is falling behind the others
it’s good but not transcendant
i meant still really good
I should Yelp more often
they’re very generous with toppings, hm


the bowl for Rakiraki that i got is bad
it’s too deep
the others use wide bowls and they end up almost full
this is 1/2 full
very generous with the pork
the other two places only gave me two pieces


there’s lots of green onions
idk the garlic was good
tyrone (cat) is coming to investigate


i want more PORK
that was not enough
i got greedy and ate it all
the cabbage was not a good choice of topping
why did they include that
just as i thought i was getting more pork i dredged up a big ol’ heffer piece of cabbage
too much like, kelp or something too


idk what you do with the egg
i eat it whole
i found another pork


cabbage you’re not invited next time
okay i’m done
wouldn’t order again from Rakiraki. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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