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16 Haunting Two-Sentence Horror Stories That You Shouldn’t Read Before Bed

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“I didn’t panic when my best friend Tom started shuddering from head to toe, clutching his stomach, and coughing up blood. I panicked when the blood started crawling up my leg.”

— ShadowScribe


“Three cheers for Santa Claus, and all the good children who believe. ‘Makes this so much easier,’ He chuckled, the bells on the trusting little girl’s shoes jingling as he dragged the body across the roof and away into the night.”

— Cinnamon-Ciara


“‘Hey daddy, I’m fixing little brother for you!’ He entered the room to find his 8-year-old daughter scooping the eyes out of their now blind baby.”

— EccentricStrawberry


“‘Do you like your new coat?’ my father asked as he draped it over my shoulders. ‘It’s from your mother,’ he said, smiling at what was left of Mom’s flayed corpse.”

— ShadowScribe


“Being the last human alive isn’t too bad. I just wish my hungry neighbors would leave me alone.”

— troytheterribletaco


“There was a knock on my door. Something inside told me not to open the closet.”

— DonBeanass


I sit in this crowded theater, all my life I’ve been a nobody, a reject, an empty, self-loathing blank. “Time for all of that to change,” I say to no-one in particular, pulling out the guns from under my coat…

— TheRaincrow


There was a photo of me sleeping on beautiful red silk on my phone. What I don’t know is how the phone got into the coffin with me.

— Abyss1213


“I stared at the picture of me emblazoned on the screen of the mobile phone, wracking my brain to try to understand how it got there. Human technology has often proved to be an ally of mine but I’ve never before encountered a mobile that could take pictures of demons.”

— sleeplessfromdreams


“At the expense of the last of their ammunition, the lumbering beast collapsed. Too bad the hunting party couldn’t spare a moment while patting each other on the back to notice it’s mother had witnessed the whole display.”

— Jibberling


“Before I could react, the man produced an ax from his long coat and brought it to rest on the table before me. I carefully chose my words before saying, ‘Even with a receipt, I cannot give you a refund with all those blood stains.'”

— Jibberling


“My eyes were glued to the scarring images on the horrifying scrapbook I found at my new neighbors house. As I flipped towards the end of the book I noticed that there was a blank spot with today’s date written below it.”

— Unknownuser55550


“Before my parents left town for the weekend, they tucked me in, locked my bedroom door, and told me that there was nothing to be afraid of: the monsters had no way of getting inside the house. If they had stayed a second longer they would have heard his laughter from inside the closet.”

— ShadowScribe


“The voices won’t stop bothering me to let them free. Maybe it’s time to go into the basement and shut them up once and for all…”

— Tiger106700


“My mom couldn’t find her ‘yummy-wummy’ baby, even when she called out to her with that ridiculous nickname. At least it was accurate: my sister was delicious.”

— SlavicSnowflake


“Before I can go to sleep, I have to check all the doors around the house. If they’re all locked, I move on to the next house.”

— Volohov

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