The Two People In This ‘Meanest Tinder Convo Of All Time’ Might Actually Be Perfect For Each Other

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Ah Tinder, the cesspool posing as a dating app. If you guys actually want to find dates, try OkCupid or something sort of legit. Tinder is where your dreams of a Forever Person go to die.

Anyway, this gentleman matched with a woman named Katie. She actually approached him first; which can be a real coup for a dude. However, her conversation starter isn’t exactly what you would expect:

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She opened with a zinger, but he had one ready to fire back. This sparked a war of petty dissing.

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via Imgur

This is probably the most overtly hostile Tinder conversation I have witnessed in my life. But it is still somehow charming?

I think these two are perfect for each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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