The Craziest Facebook Fight Just Happened In Thought Catalog’s Comment Section

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I am here to brief you on some ~breaking news~ straight from the Thought Catalog comment section. This is gonna be a wild ride, so shut your office door, start ignoring your teacher, because this story is worth more than any job or lecture.

So it all begins on the Thought Catalog AfterDark Facebook page.

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This post discusses the concept of “curving” — which is new to the writer. In the comments section, however, many readers pointed out that “curving” itself is anything but new. The phrase has been wide-spread in black culture for quite some time.

That’s what sparked the discussion that follows.

Facebook / AfterDark

Alyse begins the conversation by pointing out that the term “curving” is not new and saying that she believes saying otherwise is hijacking a piece of black culture.

Taylor disagrees, and tells Alyse that she should “Pipe down bringing race into shit that don’t have shit to do with race,” and accuses her of being on an “afroamerican high horse.”

That probably wasn’t the right way for Taylor to contribute to this conversation.

Facebook / AfterDark

Alyse wasn’t having it, though. She slammed Taylor for her previous comments, saying: “Trick who asked you? I’m searching for your invitation to this comment but can’t find it.”

She also provided evidence for her position that “curving” is a term rooted in black culture: “If you were versed in ANY black movies from the 90s or 00s — we’ve been saying this. This phrase is apart of black culture. My comment is to let people know this isn’t new.”

Others piled on in the comments as well:

Facebook / AfterDark

Tanica slays Taylor for her “high horse” comment, and other people chime in.

If you were hoping that Taylor would humbly return and admit her mistake / apologize for being rude, you’re in for a gigantic disappointment.

Taylor comes back with four different replies. The first reply has actually been deleted by Facebook mods after being flagged, but commenters retrieved a screenshot beforehand:

Facebook / AfterDark

I wish I could say the n-word was the most racist thing about Taylor’s posts, but it wasn’t even.

Unfortunately, she isn’t done yet:

Facebook / AfterDark

Um, I’m not sure I can unpack all the ways these comments are problematic / bigoted.

Clearly, Taylor had gone WAY too far. Tanica came back with some serious tea:

Facebook / AfterDark

Apparently Taylor had been involved in a DUI, and Tanica had found the records online.

But that wasn’t the only record of criminal activity on Taylor’s file:

Facebook / AfterDark

Alyse then decided to send a screenshot of Taylor’s original racist post to her employer.

And that was the last anybody saw Taylor in this comment thread.

Facebook / AfterDark

Though as it turns out, Taylor had long ago been let go from the job Alyse had contacted.

Facebook / AfterDark

Perhaps the lesson learned here is don’t post your bigoted views on social media, lest you want your whole glass house to come tumbling down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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