Here’s What George W. Bush Actually Thought About Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address

Remember Donald Trump’s inauguration? It was so great, so grand, there had never been anything like it, and there will never be anything like it ever again. Children wept, wives cheered, husbands fell to their knees, and it was absolutely, positively, bigger than President Obama’s first inaugural in 2009:

But of course, you remember all that!

You are here to find out what former President George W. Bush thought of Trump’s inauguration. I’ll get straight to the juicy truth.

According to three people, right after Trump finished his inaugural address and stepped down from the dais, the former President mumbled, “that was some weird shit.” A spokesperson from George W. Bush’s office declined to comment on the claim.





S h i t.”

Too true, Mr. President. Too true. And it still is. Every day. If you could find a way to fight your way out a poncho and help us #resist, that would be cool. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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