This Girl Decided To Cook Duck For Dinner, But When She Opened The Packaging She Got Shook

Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_
Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_

Cooking can be hard, right? Especially when you’re starting out. I remember when I first tried to bake a chicken and I ended up with a burnt bird and a smoke alarm that wouldn’t stop blaring through my house for like half an hour.

21-year-old Tiarra Duncan had an experience that was even worse, however. She went to the store to pick up some food, and decided to put together some orange ginger-braised duck. She found the package marked “duck” and quickly went to check out.

Brace yourself. It’s not too late to turn back.

Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_
Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_

As she started the process of cooking, she posted two snapchats to her story (which she eventually put on Twitter).

Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_
Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_

The first, a #foodie snap celebrating the elaborate dinner she was about to make.

The second, pure horror:

Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_
Twitter / ‏@Intoxicating_


She told Buzzfeed that:

I was expecting it to look like how a whole chicken or turkey does when you buy it. No head, no feet.

She was so shook, she posted the pics on Twitter so everyone else could be shook too.

Though some people thought this was funny for some reason?

I guess you have to find the humor in everything?

However, the vegan community was not amused by the posts — saying that Duncan’s horror is exactly why we shouldn’t eat meat at all.

As for Duncan herself, she found someone who was willing to butcher the duck and did finally get to eat it. But conceded it “was hard to look at after that.” TC mark

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