Barack And Michelle Obama Are Sending Each Other Adorable Valentine’s Day Tweets And It’s Too Much

As it turns out, eight years in the White House didn’t totally kill the romance between President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Michelle rose to the limelight in the last year of the Obama Presidency, with her impassioned campaign against Donald Trump. Michelle is now being urged to run for political office herself, and recent polling suggests that most Americans wish they could have another four years of Barack over four years of Trump’s Twitter tantrums.

Speaking of Twitter, as we speak, the enviable romance between the Obamas seems to be playing out there. <3 <3 <3

Barack started the tweeting with this heartwarming message to Michelle:

28 years? Geez, neither of them look that old!

Michelle wasn’t long to follow with a tweet of her own:

The classic beach foot picture. She’s probably very happy to have more vacation time with her man now that he’s done with the never-ending gruel of the White House.

Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll, your forever people will probably never beat the Obamas. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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