A Creepy Woman Photoshopped Herself Into Pictures With This Random Guy To Pretend She Had A Boyfriend

Right: Graham with his actual fiance Left: Sharp photoshopped herself into a picture with Graham
Right: Graham with his actual fiance
Left: Sharp photoshopped into a picture with Graham

Jill Sharp is being very publicly accused of stealing a man’s Facebook pictures, and using them to pretend that she had a boyfriend, with whom she recently became “engaged”.

Sharp closely followed the lives of her (fake) “boyfriend” Graham McQuet and his real fiancé Marianne Stirling on social media. She would copy the movements of the couple — following them to various travel locations — so that she could take pictures of herself being there and make it appear as if she and Graham were traveling together.

Sharp stole a picture of Graham from his social media, and posted it alongside a picture of her at Westminster Abbey to make it appear as if the pair had been there as a couple.

Sharp, 31 told friends that she had been incredibly lucky to meet Graham McQuet, and told them countless stories about their passionate romance.

But over time, her friends grew suspicious of her “relationship.”

“Whenever anyone asked when we were getting to meet him there was always an excuse. He was working, he’d hurt himself, he was ill – and on it went,” one of her friends said. “She was leading this incredible life on social media but no one had seen her with him and it was just plain strange.”

Sharp even created a fake Twitter account for Graham, so that the two could exchange romantic tweets with each other. “Her posts were all champagne and flowers and how wonderful a life she was living with Graham,” one of Sharp’s social media followers told the DailyRecord.

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But things blew up when Sharp announced that she and Graham were getting married. She posted some pictures claiming that she was celebrating with Graham by having a weekend vacation in London, but people noticed something was wrong with the pictures.

“She put up a picture claiming they were having a weekend away in London but the two images were completely different. It was obvious it had been taken on a different day. In her picture, supposedly taken by Graham, the ground is light and there’s no one else in the frame. In his photo the ground looks wet and there’s crowds mingling. What we didn’t know then was the real Graham and his real-life fiancee had been in London and Jill had then retraced their footsteps a month or so later to take the picture. It was totally creepy.” one of Sharp’s friends said.

After some research, Sharp’s friends reached out to Graham and his actual fiancé, Marianne Stirling:

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Marianne tweets her discovery of Sharp’s account, and informs social media that she has (rightfully) contacted the police. She also provides some evidence for followers that might think this is all too crazy to be real.

Graham tweets his total disbelief in Sharp’s four year long antics. Stating bemusedly that he is “apparently getting married” to this woman he never met or heard of before.

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Sharp has denied all the charges. When the news media asked her for comment on pretending to have a boyfriend for four years she said, “I don’t know what any of this is about” and demanded that she be presented with “proof.”

Cumbernauld police are said to be looking into the incident. TC mark

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