A Boss Has This Hilarious Response To Hungover Employee Asking For Day Off Because He’s ‘Sick’

After two days of straight drinking and partying, Mark McLelland knew there was absolutely no way he could make it to work. Mark works as a landscaper, and he could barley open his eyes — much less put on clothes and do some manual labor.

He claws his way over to his phone, and sends his boss a message on WhatsApp. In his drunkenly typed message, he claims to have the “runs”:

via Twitter
via Twitter

Mark assumed that he was messaging his boss early on a Monday morning when he had work.

Except he wasn’t.

Read the full exchange between the two:

via Twitter
via Twitter

First the boss chides him for trying to blame “the runs” for being hungover. And second, he savagely points out the real day: Sunday.

Mark doesn’t have work on Sunday.

Mark ironically posted the whole exchange on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

“When you wake up thinking it’s Monday morning and text your gaffer wanting a day off.”

Hope Mark felt better by the time work *actually* rolled around! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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