Wow, Milo Yiannopoulos Is Actually A Really Shitty Tech Editor


I’ve been hearing all this drama about Milo Yiannopoulos in the news recently. Apparently he is trying to publish a book or something, and people don’t like him? I’ve also heard that he was banned for Twitter for harassment — that’s no good. Apparently he is a Tech Editor at this up-and-coming digital magazine: Breathbart? Babebart? Brightbart? Something like that? Anyway, I love tech news and decided maybe it wouldn’t be an awful idea to check this guy out.

Anyway, if this guy is so controversial, he must have some hot takes on Google Glass or my wife’s new dishwasher, right?? Maybe he has the top gossip on the new iPhone 8 that’ll be coming out (I’m sort of apprehensive about Apple allegedly removing the home button).

So I decided to check out Milo’s author page. Much to my dismay, I didn’t see a whole lot of tech anywhere.

Almost every article headline he posts begins with “MILO:” as if perhaps his readers were too stupid to read a byline. The first article talks about cyberbullying — which is sort of related to tech — but unfortunately it seems to immediately divert into a diatribe about how dangerous he is personally. Apparently, in his view, he is the second most dangerous man in the world — right behind his “daddy.” I’m not familiar with this guy’s father, but this definitely isn’t what I’m looking for.

As for the rest of his articles, this Milo character seems to spend a lot of time ranting and raving. Many of his articles seem to actually just be transcripts of Milo making hyperbolic and bizarre statements on American politics at various public events.

In an article from late December, he does talk about Twitter, and he sensationally proclaims that it is dead. My boss says the same thing, so I’m kinda interested in this view. According to Alexa it is the 8th most visited website in the United States, so it doesn’t seem like any “rigor mortis” is setting in, but what do I know compared to an (allegedly) brilliant tech editor?

The crux of his claim about Twitter’s death seems to rest on the argument that company executives periodically leave, and that he, personally, was banned from the platform. He then segues into an interesting diatribe about how getting banned from Twitter made him more famous than he’s ever been. To be quite honest, not only do I find this argument to be a tad unconvincing, Milo comes across a tad bit like the lone high schooler who didn’t get invited to the cool kid’s sweet 16.

Is this guy really that famous? I’m not sure I’ve seen anything in his tech content that would truly merit it. Like Jesus, I find better tech insight in Amazon’s comment section than on this guy’s profile. Speaking of comments sections, this Milo fellow certainly gets quite a wild array of comments on his articles. A lot of angry people typing in all-caps about “cucks” (??) and “dangerous faggots” and “liberal crybabies.” They are certainly passionate, but I get the sense that they don’t follow Milo for his insight into the world of tech.

Looking through his vertical, Milo writes a lot about Donald Trump, that’s for sure. Neither me or my wife voted in the last election because I had to work and she had pilates, but Trump — like Milo — certainly comes off as sensational at times. Perhaps that’s why this tech editor likes him so much? It really borders on obsession, though, if I am truly being honest. Perhaps Milo got so wrapped up in this election (like my attorney sister) that he forgot to write about tech for a while? I decided to scroll a little further down his profile and see if I could find anything more insightful than his recent nonsense.

Sadly, I was disappointed. It seems that Milo really only enjoys articles about Donald Trump or how brilliant he is. He also appears to dislike feminism? What a bizarre issue for the head of a tech vertical to care about.

Overall, Milo Yiannopoulos is a gigantic disappointment for anybody looking for quality tech news. If you are looking to read exclusively self-aggrandizing sermons about the author, or borderline-fanatical commentary pieces on American politics, perhaps give this guy a look? In terms of being a tech editor, however, this guy leaves quite a bit to be desired. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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