This FB Post Shows Sexist Homework Assignment That Tells Girls How To ‘Behave’ On A Date

Pixabay / RyanMcGuire
Pixabay / Ryan McGuire

A Facebook post sharing the contents of a school homework assignment has gone viral since being posted on social media a few days ago.

The bizarre homework assignment required students to go on a date costing no more than $5 apiece. The worksheet recommended group dating to help “make the money go farther.”

And if that assignment wasn’t problematic enough, it also gave the ladies some tips on how to behave on the date. Here’s the whole worksheet, see for yourself:

via Facebook
via Facebook

Some of these are perfectly fine suggestions — we could all afford to be a little more direct in saying no if we aren’t interested — but they get increasingly weird as you go down the list. “Don’t waste his money,” is particularly scummy-sounding.

The worksheet was shared on Facebook by a student’s mother after she heard about her daughter’s “homework:”

Jenn Oxborrow posted the assignment online after her daughter Lacy brought it home Monday. Lacy is a junior at Highland High School, and was given the assignment in her Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class. At first her mother didn’t believe it.

“I was shocked,” said Jenn. “I was completely disbelieving that this could be a real assignment.” (Source)

The local school board commented that this assignment was not apart of their approve curriculum and had the teacher pull the homework. However, student Lacy says this wasn’t the first time she saw slightly misogynistic homework:

“One of the answers suggested that women come home after their careers for a second job of house keeping and childcare,” said Lacy. (Source)

Hopefully this school district gets their act together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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